Labor Relations

February 16th, 2017 | by admin
Labor Relations

For a large organization like the GWC Valves company, they should have a human resource manager who is in charge of everything such as labor relations. When it comes to the term labor relations, this involves an interaction between the company and the employee and it is particularly related to the employee and their right to organize. It is important for any large organization or even small organization to be able to operate within the law and it has several benefits along with it. Any sustainable company will operate within the law and they will be able to promote diversity and nondiscrimination and that is another reason why labor relations are fairly important to have in large organizations.

If you consider yourself a sustainable organization it is because you are able to ensure occupational health and safety to all of your workers at the firm. Occupational health and safety can be a huge issue and turn into several lawsuits and this can be viewed in terms of a social and economic impact. When it comes to the health of the employees, it shouldn’t be a concern for the top management in the organization and the subsequent levels of management and this is something that the human resource manager is in charge of. The human resource manager should be in charge of developing awareness and implementing training programs for the benefits of the employees and they should be rewarded for health and safety initiatives. Also, at every large organization, there is workers compensation that is offered and employment insurance in case something happens to the employee when they are at work and this is how the company avoids lawsuits. If you work for someone, you must be covered by some type of insurance even if you are a part time worker.

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