Increase your health and personal safety in the office

May 20th, 2017 | by admin

Given the increase in the crime wave in major cities, it is better to take all necessary precautions to prevent businesses from being attacked and also prevent possible theft.

Companies have become the main targets of criminals. There is no day when news programs do not talk about an assault on a store or restaurant. Therefore, it is important to take all necessary precautions to prevent your business from being attacked by unscrupulous people.

1) Secure all entries

When you close your business, be sure to secure each entry. This includes not only the doors and windows but also the ventilation ducts. Take into account that some thieves use the nearby houses to enter a business.

2) Install surveillance equipment

It is recommended that you have security cameras and alarms that are connected to a monitoring center, which can alert the police in case of emergency.

3) Hire a security company

Hire a good security staff that can monitor your business. Of course, make sure it comes from a reliable company and are all properly identified and wear their ID cards. It is important all members of the company recognize these people like the ones in charge of safety.

4) Train your collaborators

In addition to assaults, there are many forms of fraud that affect business. To avoid them, train your collaborators, so they know how to act in a situation of those characteristics.

5) Secure your business

If you want to protect your investment, do not forget to hire specialized insurance. They will be responsible for covering any material loss suffered due to theft. Make using of ID cards with lanyards are must at work place. Lanyards UK provides the best quality lanyards for any office or organization.

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What about health risks?

Although, office work has not been considered or perceived as harmful to the health of workers, still there are a number of health hazards to people working in them, such as poor blood circulation in the leg for long sitting, eye problems due to exposure to the computer or mental fatigue resulting from repetitive work done for many hours a day.

If these problems are not corrected, they can cause a series of pathologies and negative consequences on the health and well-being of people.

These are the main measures and tips to avoid work-related injuries and illnesses in the office:

Use furniture and office equipment manufactured with the latest advances and applications at an ergonomic level: tables with the appropriate shape and dimensions, adjustable chairs, light points (extra table lamps if necessary) that adequately illuminate without causing flashes, adjustable computer screens with the precise brightness and contrast, etc.

Keep the spine erect and close to the back of the chair. Unfortunately, the bad habit of leaning or bending over to the desk, especially when typing on the keyboard, is deeply observed among office workers.

Avoid stress with pauses and relaxation exercises to prevent the muscles from getting too tight and putting excessive pressure on the vertebrae.

Try to support the arms when typing and using the mouse, because the lack of support means extra muscle tension and effort that can cause pain and even injury.

Some other measures are very easy to follow:

*Arrange and use a footrest to favor blood return.

*Place the computer screen in front of the user to avoid forced postures of the neck and at a distance equivalent to the extended arm to avoid eye problems.

*Put documents in a lectern to avoid cervical problems.

*The access paths and the steps to the cubicles should always be free of obstacles.

*Do not leave drawers or other items of furniture open to avoid knocks and accidents.

*Do not use devices that connect several devices to the same plug: overheating can cause its deterioration and can even cause a fire.

*Do not use electrical devices with wet or damp hands: there is a danger of electrocution.

In addition to these measures, it is also essential to exercise moderately every day (walking, cycling, jogging) to counteract the excessive sedentary nature of office work, ventilate the workspace sufficiently, have adequate lighting and use the air conditioning in moderation, avoiding placing the thermostat below 25 or 24 degrees. In general, all these pieces of advice are a measure of pure common sense.


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