Walk in Cold Rooms – Q & A

February 22nd, 2017 | by admin
Walk in Cold Rooms – Q & A

Should I have a fridge van, fridge trailer rental or a cold room?

  • Refrigeration vans are more expensive than fridge trailers or cold room hire.
  • Fuel and vehicle maintenance costs are loaded in to hire fees by the company.
  • Replacement of fuel used is mandatory.
  • The client is responsible for the van’s collection and delivery.
  • Fridge trailers are delivered to site, positioned as necessary and set up.
  • They will be collected and returned to the hire firm premises by their team.
  • The firm absorbs the fuel and time implications which causes you minimum disruption.
  • Fridge trailers are on wheels and can be positioned indoors and outside which offers convenience.
  • Walk in cold rooms are also delivered to the premises, they are often built on site so there’s no need to worry about whether the cold room will fit through doorways.
  • These units are for interior use only.
  • A cold room is set up ready for use before the hire firm leave it with you for however long it’s required.
  • At the completion of the hire period they will dismantle and remove the cold room.
  • Walk in cold rooms are not on wheels so they must sit in the same position throughout the hire.
  • They can be worked in which can help with space issues.

Can I have cold room hire at home?

You can hire walk in cold rooms for domestic and commercial reasons. Although it is constructed on site, a cold room installation does not need planning permission.

It’s simple to arrange and eminently suitable for parties, exhibitions and hosting any event with refreshments.

A mains power supply or generator can be used to power the cold room. If you’ll need a generator you simply tell the hire firm when you book your facilities.

Which cold room suppliers are the best?

There are several excellent and competitively priced hire companies and reading their online reviews, asking for word of mouth recommendations (or condemnations) and checking any local press about professional service providers offers vital clues about their operations, standards and adherence to legislation.

One of the long established reputable firms is Icecool Trailers who are based in Newbury and serve Berkshire, the Home Counties, London, the Thames Valley, the Midlands and South Wales.

I’ve found a firm that offer hire facilities at low costs, should I be suspicious? 

The refrigeration hire market is hugely competitive.

It’s quite possible that if three firms quote in the same price bracket and one is much lower that there is a reason for this. It’s not normally that the three other firms are trying to overcharge.

The decidedly less expensive walk in cold rooms may be to tempt people to a firm that’s failing, been penalised or does not deliver excellent facilities and service.

This is not always the case but research thoroughly. Cheap and cheerful may cost more in the long term.

Professional cold room firms will be delighted to answer your questions so contact them now.

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