Labour Surplus in an Organization

February 17th, 2017 | by admin
Labour Surplus in an Organization

For the Reputation Management Company New York, when it comes to dealing with labour surplus in the organization, this is something important you need to deal with immediately in order to not diminish your reputation and brand.

Labour surplus means that there is an excess amount of employees in the organization and it is not needed. For example some companies who do festivals in the summer don’t necessarily need the promoters to be present in the winter but they hire seasonally for the summer in the springtime. This happens to many companies out there and it can be a huge reputation problem if you don’t know how to effectively solve this.

There are numerous things any organization can do when it comes to labour surplus and first is to have a hiring freeze and not hire any external candidates but maybe move around some internal employees who are willing to change positions. You can use attrition, which is the normal separation of employees from the organization, but this is something that naturally happens due to retirement, new opportunities or sadly death. You can even attempt to accelerate attrition by having early retirement buyouts where you can take a package such as employers who are over the age of 40 who have been with the company for a little longer. Job sharing and work sharing are two very similar strategies that are often used for labour surplus. A reduced workweek can also be used for employees instead of simply doing a temporarily layoff of the employee. Termination is another option but this isn’t always necessary since other methods can be used to keep them in the organization. Leave of absence is something that employers can do and this is when employees basically take time away from work for reasons that are personal or even for educational purposes and these are all methods used to solve labour surplus.

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