Crowdfunding made simple for a 10-year-old

June 21st, 2018 | by admin
Crowdfunding made simple for a 10-year-old

Whatever your opinions on Meghan Markle be, you cannot overlook the fact that she had been actively into social justice ever since her adolescence. Crowdfunding is a nice habit to inculcate in children. Not only would give them practice from a young age, it would also make them more caring and responsible as adults. And most importantly it would teach them the importance of earning and efficiently handling money. Meaning that they would be more inclined towards sharing their wealth.

But the big question is, how does one explain all this to a ten-year-old? It is actually quite simple.

  •         Even before starting with crowdfunding, teach kids should be taught simple things like not splurging money on chocolates, helping people around without compromising themselves, saving up whenever possible, being kind to animals. A 10-year-old will leave her studies or friends and take the initiative for crowdfunding only if she has enough empathy.
  •         Children should be gently introduced to the big bad world. Presenting unfiltered horrors all at once might have damaging consequences. But they should be kept into the loop. Parents should share interesting articles with them that should improve them as humans. Qualities like kindness are not always natural, but they can always be developed.
  •         Start by introducing your kid to the concept of crowdfunding through small logical steps. How to start a fundraiser? Crowdfunding India has all these things explained very clearly and simply. Make your kid go through the set of instructions.
  •         Introduction through examples is a really good idea. Crowdfunding India has numerous success stories in a vast range of crowdfunding initiatives by people across society. That way, your kid would understand very well how crowdfunding actually works.
  •         Start simple. Start with small initiatives, like a fundraiser to build a shelter for your local animals.
  •         Start with user-friendly platforms because unnecessary complexities would discourage an impatient adolescent. Crowdfunding India is actually very easy to tackle even for a 10-year-old.
  •         Make it a community-based initiative. Remember that adolescents rely a lot on peer support. So if your child is the only one in her class to understand the merits of crowdfunding, things are not going to progress much. Try to include as many of her friends as possible
  •         Do not force anything on a ten-year-old ever. That is the age when kids start forming their own opinions on the world which are often long-lasting. Making crowdfunding appear like a chore would be the last thing you would want.

Introducing children to crowdfunding during adolescence is always a win-win, as everybody stands to benefit from it. Sadly, it will be some time before it catches up in India especially among children because community service is not an intricate part of our society. But why not contribute to spreading it? Crowdfunding India would take care of the rest.

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