Comparing payday loans in California

September 8th, 2017 | by admin
Comparing payday loans in California

The state of California has over 500 payday loan shirks. These are those registered and operate by law. Of course, there are others who operate outside the law. In this article, we will focus on comparing payday loans in California that operate within the law. Those that are registered and have authentic licenses. As always, we will only focus on those that are top notch and try to distinguish between their services.

While comparing payday loans in California, the criteria used is, whether the personal information is sold out to third parties, whether the company is abiding by the best title loans in California state laws, ease of access and reliable service.

First, we start with Moneytree. This is a family owned payday loan shirk that has been in existence for over 20 years. With this, they have built a credible reputation and also have won a number of awards over the years. They charge around 15% for any $100 borrowed. This is one of the lowest in this finance industry.  Also, they have offices all over the state and also in other states. they are also certified member of different associations which make them the go to place when you are stuck.

Lendup takes the second place. This was a tough choice. The reason is simple. They have exploited the internet and mobile technology to come up with simple ways to easing up the loaning process. They offer first timers loans of between $100 and $200. This might seem low but this is just the stepping stone. After they have carefully assessed you, you are opened up to best payday loans in California going up to the thousands. Lendup is a direct lender which means that they are with you from the application to the repayment process. Also, they don’t sell you credit history to other third parties which mean your security is guaranteed. They also offer you guidance in the blog section and also educate you on the law of transaction in payday loans.

On the third place will be CashNetUSA. This offers different types of loans from personal installment loans to payday loans. Also, they are located all over the country and operates in 30 states. CashNetUSA has built quite a credible reputation of delivering its services. This can be seen on the 2 million plus customers who swear by its services. The amount of loan one can get depend on the state and so does the interest rates. The good thing with this is that there is no limit to what you do with your funds. Once you get your cash, all they are interested is you repay their money back.

The afore mentioned are the best compared to the hundreds operating in the state. Many of the latter have a history of having bad customer service rep and swindling them of their hard earned cash. Anyway, before you start getting ready to get a payday loan, it is important to understand the law in California regarding this. here, I will just outline.

+first California residents are limited to a max of $255 payday loan.

+the legal interest fee is 15% per week.

+the customer has the right to cancel the loan. Should be before the end of business day.

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