Community Events – A Fixture in Our Summer/Autumn Schedules

July 17th, 2017 | by admin
Community Events – A Fixture in Our Summer/Autumn Schedules

If you are catering at any event, please remember that when you serve members of the public with food and refreshments that you must adhere to health and safety, food laws and hygiene practices. Don’t take any risks.

Cost effective mobile refrigeration and external freezer hire facilities offer perfect solutions, alongside peace of mind.

Professional food vendors should already be conversant with their responsibilities but it can be more difficult for a school, community centre or committee who organise a fete, fair, garden party, exhibition or show to factor in the need for freezer and fridge trailer hire to accommodate storage and stock demands and maintain safety for everyone involved in the preparation and consumption of food.

There’s so much on the to-do list but here’s some advice: Choose a leading refrigeration specialist like Icecool Trailers in Newbury; they serve Berkshire, the Home Counties, Hampshire, London, the Midlands, Thames Valley and South Wales. Your external freezer hire and fridge trailer rental needs will be met by friendly, efficient staff who guarantee top level service and fully maintained, hygienic and legislation meeting facilities.

External freezer hire and fridge trailer supply can be pre-booked within minutes and an emergency service is available with the best firms.

Your budget may be tight but refrigeration specialists are extremely competitive and pricing is pleasing to clients. Saving money and relying on a shady corner or cool day for food safety could cause health issues or, worst case scenario, a fatality.

The facilities are insured but cover must be sought by clients for the stock placed in the fridge trailer hire unit or external freezer facilities so please consider this in cost and hire period decision making processes.

Some clients try to save money by shortening the hire period to the event only, not preparation, storage and clearing up times. Truly, the tiny amount of money you save by doing this will have the bi-product of delivering a sharp increase in stress and time pressures. It’s not worth putting yourself through that. The event is meant to be fun, isn’t it?

External freezer hire and fridge trailer hire units checklist:

  • The refrigeration specialist delivers, sets up, down-powers and collects the fridge and/or freezer trailer so the client does not have to incorporate this in to their busy schedule.
  • A good impression about professionalism is aided by the facilities.
  • There is no self-drive option with trailers. Fuel costs are borne by the hire firm.
  • Facilities are available in different sizes and capacities.
  • Trailers can be positioned indoors or outdoors and are on wheels.
  • All units can be run via mains power or a generator.
  • Facilities can be located exactly where they are required, even if that’s the middle of a school playing field or a community centre car park.
  • Freezer and fridge trailer hire units can be worked in without contravening health and safety legislation.

Remove catering worries by seeking professional facilities from refrigeration specialists. Your community deserves it, and will thank you for your dedication.


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